PWS2 (28V)



2 V-lock Battery Power Station
2 V-lock Battery Power Station


  • Input: 1 to 2 installable batteries, hot swappable
  • Output: 2 simultaneous
    1x regulated 28V, max 280W
    1x regulated 14V, max 140W
  • Display: 3 LEDs gauge per battery
  • Size: 250 x 145 x 80mm (9.84″ x 5.51″ x 3.15″)
  • Weight: 0.75Kg (1.55lbs)

The BLUESHAPE power station concept is a convenient system to integrate the power of multiple V-lock batteries into a unique source that can be tapped anywhere anytime in a simultaneous dual voltage output.

The 2 available outputs, 14V (4-pins XLR) and 28V (3-pins XLR) operate in parallel an share the avaialble power in input: the output power is available simultaneously from both ports.
Due to the highly efficient internal electronics, over the 90% when delivering higher loads, the system remains cool even after hours of operation for a safe and prolonged system reliability.
Depending on which batteries are installed, the dual system can supply power as follows:

Installing 2x BV batteries, HD models (high drain):

  • up to 140W on the 14V output
  • up tp 280W on the 28V output

Installing 2x standard BV batteries (normal discharge):

  • up to 140W on the 14V output
  • up tp 240W on the 28V output

Batteries are hot-swappable to keep providing constant power without interruption, even when a battery becomes empty (if the remaining battery is capable to compensate and deliver more current)..

An array of LEDs is used to indicate the level of current delivered instantaneously by each battery, giving the user the indication of the load each battery is withstanding:

  • Lower LEDs: blinks for current delivered up to 1.5A, steady for current over 1.5A
  • Middle LEDs: blinks for current delivered up to 4.5A, steady for current over 4.5A
  • Upper LEDs: blinks for current delivered up to 8A, steady for current over 8A