BLUESHAPE offers an innovative solution for greater convenience and safety when travelling or shipping lithium-ion batteries greater than 100Wh by air. The Battery Flight cases are the first UN certified solution in the video industry for shipping batteries, fully IATA compliant.


BLUESHAPE, in cooperation with a leading manufacturer of professional cases, has created a dedicated solution for the best-selling BLUESHAPE models BV090, BV100HD, BV150, BV180, BV190HD and BV270HD, including the SPLASH series batteries.

Every case model has an impact-resistant outer case. The interior has high-density cushioning foam to eliminate and chance of interior contact. Each battery is segregated in individual compartments. When a BLUESHAPE battery is shipped in this case with the provided contact covers in place, the chance of damage during flight is reduced to zero.

The number of batteries allowed in each case is specifically calculated to comply with the UN3480 regulations. The smaller batteries have a maximum net amount of 0.72 kilograms of cells in each battery, giving the 5 batteries in the BX5 a total of 3.6 Kg. The larger batteries have a maximum of 1.08 kilograms of cells in each battery, giving the 4 batteries in the BX5 a total net amount of 4.32 Kg. The BLUESHAPE unique omologation number is printed on the cases, and they are marked with the UN3480 designation, the required CLASS 9 warning and CAO placard. The case also has a designated space for the shipping label that has to clearly indicate the shipper and consignee (spare labels are provided with each box).